Graduates Engineering

Graduates Engineering

Transiting from school to an engineering college has its own set of challenges. On one hand it requires managing the freedom which comes with college life, while on the other hand it puts the student through the rigor of progressing along the value chain for consolidation of engineering skills. From grappling with the whims & fancies of adolescence to establishing a firm footing in a chosen engineering stream/area, life in an engineering college has the capacity to make or break students.

In such a scenario it is imperative for the student to be sure with respect to the career path he/she has opted to tread on. This becomes even more compelling as there are multiple options available to engineers upon completion of the program. The main ones are as under:

  • Working in a technical domain requiring an application of the core branch knowledge/expertise.
  • Working in a technical environment requiring generic analytical and problem-solving skills, like consulting.
  • Pursuing an MS/MTech. in that particular engineering branch, with an option of studying in India/abroad.
  • Pursuing an MBA from a business school in India/abroad.
  • Competing for a national level test like IES or IAS, leading to a career in engineering services or public administration respectively.
  • Starting up one’s own venture.

    Most students feel standing at the crossroads at this juncture, and seek professional support & mentoring.
    We offer a range of services to help you assess your suitability for a particular career, get counselled on the challenges in that career and develop skills required to excel in that career.

  • Career Assessment

    This is done using our unique AIM approach. The student is put through a well-designed and scientifically vetted test, called the Career Proficiency Test (CPT), which takes into consideration all three dimensions of choosing a particular career:

  • Assessment of aptitude for a particular career
  • Indication of preference for a particular career in a psychometric set-up
  • Measurement of work personality apt for a particular career

    The interplay of the above three dimensions is carefully examined using statistical tools to arrive at objective results with respect to the career clusters most suited for you. Analysing this ‘interplay’ and generating individualized career paths is what makes us unique in our ability to mentor and guide!

  • Career Counselling

    Once the most suited careers are identified, we help you to understand those careers in a greater detail. This entails an appreciation of the overall career scope, educational path leading to building competencies for those careers, preparation strategy/approach for seeking admission to programs which are gateways for those careers and various other related queries/challenges for pursuing those careers.

    Note: Our career experts will interact with you ONLY on the basis of the report generated for your performance in the Career Proficiency Test (CPT) conducted in the career assessment phase.

    Career Development

    We understand that you may be appearing for ‘personal interviews’ for seeking admission/employment in an institute/organization respectively, for furthering your interest in the career identified as ‘the most suitable’ for you through our career assessment process. Our career development program is aimed at acing you for such interviews.

    This is also recommended for students preparing for competitive tests like CAT, and shortlisted for the interview round of business schools. We offer a comprehensive training for interviews under our ‘Chart My Interview’ program. This program comprises concept and practice sessions spanning across 8 hours, and offers the following:

    Interview Techniques (02 hours)

  • Dressing-up basics
  • Organizing certificates
  • Greeting etiquette
  • Body language
  • Verbal communication
  • The art & science of introduction
  • Creating a positive impression
  • Marketing yourself
  • Managing bouncer questions

    Interview FAQs (02 hours)
  • How to establish a positive connect with the panel?
  • How to defend a fluctuating/weak academic performance?
  • How to handle a question to which the answer is not known?
  • How to justify any gaps in the academic/professional career?
  • How to seize opportunities and project strengths?

    4 One-on-one Engagements (one hour each):
  • Engagement 1 - Profile Assessment & Goal Setting
  • Engagement 2 - Technical/Domain-Specific Assessment & Development
  • Engagement 3 - HR Assessment & Development
  • Engagement 4 - Consolidation and Action Planning

  • How to Enrol

    • Click on Enrol Now.
    • You will be re-directed to the 'Career Proficiency Test' page where you can choose the stream / class you are in.
    • Register yourself under the new user Register here block. Ensure you mention the correct details and make payment of Rs.1500 inclusive of GST towards the test.
    • After making the successful payment you can take the test under the registered user block, you will also receive a confirmatory mail from our end detailing your user id and password.
    • After completing the test, the report shall be shared with you within 10 days on the registered email id.

    • Once you complete your 'Career Proficiency Test' you can book your counseling from the same test page with the registered credentials, from here you will be re-directed to our payment link.
    • Price for counseling is Rs.1500 inclusive of GST.
    • Our representative will fix a call / face to face appointment with you once your START report is ready and shared with you.
    • Face to face counseling is available on Saturday / Sunday at our Mohali office only with prior appointment. For non-Mohali towns the same will be done over a telephonic call.

    • You may click on the tab for Book your Slot for ChartMyInterview.
    • You would be redirected to a page asking for your details and to make a payment of Rs.4000 inclusive of GST.
    • Once you make the payment, our representative shall call you and book your slots for training and interview sessions.
    • Please note that the training would be conducted at our Mohali office only. While mock interviews would also be available at Panchkula in addition to Mohali office.

    Book your Slot for ChartMyInterview

    Book Your Slot for ChartMyInterview for just Rs.4000/-
    Click on the link below to share your details and complete the payment.

    Please note that the training would be conducted at our Mohali office only. While mock interviews would also be available at Panchkula in addition to Mohali office.