Post Graduates Management (MBA)

Post Graduates Management (MBA)

Students pursuing post-graduation in management (MBA/PGPM/PGDBA/PGDM) are at a critical phase of their lives. It is expected of them to have consolidated their learning and ability to contribute in the field of management. This field may be generic or specific depending upon the institute.

For example, the Post Graduate Program in Management at IIM Ahmedabad is a program which introduces the students to basics of management in first year and then offers functional specializations in the second year.
On the other hand, the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Delhi, offers a two-year specialized program in International Business, and the Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) offers a two-year specialized program in rural management.

Whatever may be the case, the main options available to management students upon completion of the program are:

  • Working in an organization requiring general management skills
  • Working in an organization requiring functional management competence (Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations)
  • Pursuing an Ph.D. in a particular function of management, with an option of studying in India/abroad, leading to careers in teaching & research.
  • Starting up one’s own venture.

    Most students feel standing at the crossroads at this juncture, and seek professional support & mentoring.

    We offer a range of services to help you assess your suitability for a particular career, get counselled on the challenges in that career and develop skills required to excel in that career.

  • Career Assessment

    This service will be introduced shortly.

    Career Counselling

    This service will be introduced shortly.

    Career Development

    We understand that you may be appearing for ‘personal interviews’ for seeking admission/employment in an institute/organization respectively, for furthering your interest in the career identified as ‘the most suitable’ for you through our career assessment process. Our career development program is aimed at acing you for such interviews.

    This is also recommended for students preparing for competitive tests like CAT, Bank PO, SSB etc., and shortlisted for the interview round. We offer a comprehensive training for interviews under our ‘Chart My Interview’ program. This program comprises concept and practice sessions spanning across 8 hours, and offers the offering:

    Interview Techniques (02 hours):

  • Dressing-up basics
  • Organizing certificates
  • Greeting etiquette
  • Body language
  • Verbal communication
  • The art & science of introduction
  • Creating a positive impression
  • Marketing yourself
  • Managing bouncer questions

    Interview FAQs (02 hours):
  • How to establish a positive connect with the panel?
  • How to defend a fluctuating/weak academic performance?
  • How to handle a question to which the answer is not known?
  • How to justify any gaps in the academic/professional career?
  • How to seize opportunities and project strengths?

    4 One-on-one Engagements (one hour each):
  • Engagement 1 - Profile Assessment & Goal Setting
  • Engagement 2 - Technical/Domain-Specific Assessment & Development
  • Engagement 3 - HR Assessment & Development
  • Engagement 4 - Consolidation and Action Planning

  • How to Enrol

    • You may click on the tab for Book your Slot for ChartMyInterview.
    • You would be redirected to a page asking for your details and to make a payment of Rs.4000 inclusive of GST.
    • Once you make the payment, our representative shall call you and book your slots for training and interview sessions.
    • Please note that the training would be conducted at our Mohali office only. While mock interviews would also be available at Panchkula in addition to Mohali office.

    Book your Slot for ChartMyInterview

    Book Your Slot for ChartMyInterview for just Rs.4000/-
    Click on the link below to share your details and complete the payment.

    Please note that the training would be conducted at our Mohali office only. While mock interviews would also be available at Panchkula in addition to Mohali office.